Evidence-Based Leadership Series

Evidence-based leaders know what to focus on, what to monitor and what to leverage to move an organisation from guessing, to knowing, and then to performing. Evidence-based leaders know how to create a culture of high-performance and measurable success. This is easier said than done.

Aim of the series

Bring together experts, C-suite and senior executives interested in:

  • Learning and exploring ‘stuckness’ in the area of leading an evidence based organization
  • Contributing to knowledge on how to create a culture of high-performance and measurable success
For Whom

The series is for c- suite and senior management executives keen on learning and sharing knowledge and experience on habits of high-performance that Executives embed and support:

  • Decision: everyone owning the strategy
  • Action: everyone getting the right things done
  • Learning: everyone turning failure into success
How it works

The breakfast series run monthly starting October 2019.

Each series session covers a specific topic related to the evidence-based leadership.

Sessions are facilitated by subject-matter experts and include webinars to accommodate international experts.

Lead Facilitators

Peter Ndaa | Strategy and Organisation Performance Management Specialist

Peter is a strategy and organisation performance management specialist best know for using the approaches that make it simple and practical for organizatons to design and implement strategy.

Peter is the founder and CEO of BSEA with over 20 years experience in financial and strategic performance management at the C-Suit, consulting and training. Peter provides coaching, training and consulting in performance management, measurement and evidence –based leadership to both public and private organizations across Africa. He is the Africa PuMP partner with Stacey Barr Pty. He is a council member of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and was a senior associate with the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

Stacey Barr | Strategic Performance Measurement and Evidence-Based Leadership Specialist

Stacey is a specialist in strategic performance measurement and evidence-based leadership. Her purpose is to help leaders get tangibly clear about the results they intend to achieve in their organisation, to know how to recognise if and how well they are achieving those results. Stacey specialises in using practical performance measurement as the catalyst for creating a high-performance culture that achieves measurable success.

Leaders struggle with doing this well, mostly because of some bad habits that have become common practice. With PuMP®, Stacey helps people replace these bad habits with an easy, fast and engaging approach to measuring measuring and leading organisational performance.

She’s the author of two books: Practical Performance and How to Create a High Performance Culture and Measurable Success. Prove It! She is also the creator of the PuMP® is a performance measurement methodology

Upcoming EBL Session

The series is Co-sponsored with Strathmore Business School.

Next session is on 30th January, 2020

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