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“Our realities exist in the words, phrases, and sentences that have been combined to create descriptions, reports, explanations, understandings etc., that in turn create what is described, reported, explained, understood, etc.”

(Winograd and Flores, 1987).

Make communication your organization’s competitive edge!

The role of communication is to (1) communicate the value an organization exists to deliver to its customers through its strategies, and (2) to nurture a strategic narrative that is aligned to the strategy of the organization, with the intention of shaping the responses of stakeholders to changes resulting from execution of the strategy. This means communication is embedded in every activity, conversation, or decision made and puts excellence in communicating your strategy right at the heart of achieving high performance. But communicating strategy is poorly done in many organizations. According to Kaplan and Norton (2005), 95% of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy.

Why is strategy communicated so poorly?

Reason strategy is communicated poorly in organizatons include:

  1. Misalignment between the organization’s strategy and communication.
  2. The communication process function is not recognized as a key process and value driver integrated in all other processes. Instead, communication is a ‘standalone’ process drawing its activities from other organizational activities.
  3. Organizational strategies and scorecards have at their core non-communicative goals and activities.
  4. Failure, in this age of rapid change, to recognize that communication is the primary process that drives an organization’s strategic narratives.
  5. Assumptions made when communicating strategy.
Objectives of the Course

This is a practical program that uses a real organization’s strategy as a case study. It is designed to help participants understand the role communication plays in the value delivery process of an organization. In specific, participants learn:

  • How to integrate communication to the organization’s strategy in the three levels of performance management – strategic, operational and individual.
  • The importance of the organization’s business model, value proposition when communicating strategy
  • How to generate key messages from the organization’s value proposition.
  • How to measure communication impact.
  • How to develop communication initiatives that carry and sustain the organization’s narrative.
  • Roles and responsibilities in communicating strategy.
  • How to be authentic and present when communicating strategy
  • How to ensure your communication process carries and sustains an authentic organizational narrative through story telling, metaphors and analogies.
  • How to demonstrate the value of the communication function through reporting.
Who should attend the Workshop?

This training helps the organization develop internal communication consultants. It is for anyone charged with the responsibility of communicating strategy, performance reports or balanced scorecards, including Corporate Communication specialists, strategy managers and strategy champions, managers and supervisors

This training has been organized with this in mind, with the conclusion that strategy communicators must be empowered to play their strategic role effectively to help the organization realise the full benefits of its strategic plan.

Facilitation Methodology

This is a hands-on program. Participants will work in small groups of 5-6 using a real case study. They will be required to demonstrate concept understanding and ability to apply learnings. Participants are encouraged to share personal experiences and knowledge to enhance the class experience.

Organizational Impact
  • Tangible value of communication to the organization
  • Improved narratives and better engagement with the strategy outcomes across the organization
Course Duration

This is a 5-day training

Cost: USD 1,500 per person net of tax.

Costs include training, training material, Exam and Workshop Costs

Early Bird A 5% discounts is applicable to payments made one month before the date of the program
Group Discounts 1 person free for every 5-people registered in a group

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