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  • “How do I get my people to do what they are supposed to do?”
  • “How do I align what people do to my deliverables?”
  • “How do I align my own deliverables to the strategy of the organization?”
  • “How can I have evidence-based conversations with my people?”
  • “How do I know I’m not rewarding failure?”

These are questions we hear often from executives and managers. They bring out some of the struggles leaders and managers grapple with as they try to objectively manage, measure and report performance. Objectivity in performance measurement requires:

  • A results oriented strategy that is linked to operations and to what every employee does;
  • Performance measures that are aligned to what matters and focused on improvement, and
  • Dialogic performance conversations on the executed strategy that are evidence-based.

The biggest gap usually is in performance measures. Many people struggle to:

  • Easily find meaningful, results-oriented measures
  • Get true buy-in to performance measurement
  • Strongly align measures to strategy
  • Measure those seemingly-immeasurable intangible goals
  • Report measures to make the right actions obvious
  • Use measures to drive improvement and reach targets
  • Performance Measurement

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The PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint Workshop training is designed to help you to overcome these struggles. You learn:

  • best practice in clearly communicating goals to your team so they truly understand what they are contributing to;
  • to Generate lots of buy-in and excitement in your team for measuring and improving performance;
  • to create useful and meaningful measures of performance that people actually use and value;
  • to make lasting improvements in performance rather than putting Band-Aids on symptoms;
  • to get tight alignment of measures to strategy, and not waste effort on irrelevant measures;
  • to measure those intangible goals that are too important to track with trivial counts or milestones;
  • to streamline your measurement and reporting process to reduce cost and effort and cycle time.

PuMP is a practicle and logical 8 steps process to choose create and use measures to drive high returns on investments:

The PuMP® Performance Measure  Blueprint

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November 14 – 16, 2018 :- The PuMP®  Blueprint Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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The PuMP Blueprint In-house Workshop ends your  KIP struggles and make measuring what matters easier,faster and more engaging.

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