Managing Organizational Change

“In the few minutes it has taken to write these words; I have aged a little bit more; the long trailer slowly snaking its way through the Ngong Forest has left behind a trail of black smoke; a bee previously perched on a flower has flown off perhaps carrying with it a load of nectar to be converted into honey. Outside, trees sway this way and that following the rhythm of an incessant wind. All around me, I see change happening, here-now!” (Njeri Faith., 2019)

Change is inexorable. Our interventions as change agents are just but attempts to influence a world already in a flux. “Even when there appears to be no change, slow and subtle shifts are always taking place around us.” (Yontef G., 2005). At BSEA, we believe interventions that we facilitate in organizational systems, be it in strategic planning, an IT project or a merger – are all part of a much wider ongoing dance of continuous change. This understanding is especially crucial in this day and age of exponential growth in technology and accessibility to real-time ‘unsifted’ data and information that has turned most linear management models on their head. As change practitioners, our focus is in supporting organizations to understand the environment they are in and how to create conditions that maximise learning and growth for the people. Our focus is in supporting.

Employees and Teams to work with awareness to:

  • Bring out reasons for repetitive failure or areas of ‘stuckness’
  • Have the courage ‘see’ how their way of being in the world inhibits their growth and affects others.
  • Understand the different ways of viewing and managing resistance
  • View outcomes as new data and the beginning of a new learning curve in the here and now;
  • Question held beliefs, assumptions and theories that could interfere block rather than enable change
  • Change the organizational narrative to include new insights and learnings:
  • Use metaphors, stories and narratives to bring about change

Our expertise in strategy execution, performance measurement and change management enables us to embed change interventions in planned change i.e. strategic plans, balanced scorecards, IT projects, mergers and acquisition, etc., in an environment where organizations are largely viewed as “machines which can be ‘set a direction’, monitored, and controlled. Cause and effect links are assumed, and ‘rational’ behaviour is expected. (Critchley B., 1990)

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