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“What I find extraordinary with BSEA is their ability to integrate world class methodologies namely PuMP and BSC; this way avoiding most common pitfalls facing many organizations while implementing BSC. Most Consultants get trapped with BSC unaided, without knowledge that BSC is only strong for designing strategies but not very reliable in strategy implementation especially in making objectives measurable, designing measures, implementing measures, and reporting performance.”

Assey Charles
Manager Strategic Planning & Performance Review, Bank of Tanzania

“BSEA has Continuously delivered simple solutions and engaged expertise.”

Ing. William Amuna
Chief Executive, GRIDCo Ghana

“It’s has not been without challenges, but I must say I’m happy with where we are today: We have a clear common understanding of where we are going appreciating the dynamism of our environment and the need to be agile enough in order to continuously adapt to our changing environment…Our performance dialogue is evidenced based and is informed by performance against measures that were set and agreed upon by affected team members; Employees understand strategy is their business and what they need to do on a day to day basis. Our performance management conversations are based on a shared understanding, respect and co-creation of solutions that we are implementing. The BSEA Team is well rounded and experience in performance management. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wishing to successfully transform their organization.”

Harriet Omoding
Director Human Resources and Administration Uganda Communications Commission

“The consultants’ role was thought provoking. Being able to sum up our value proposition as “Always there” brought clarity to our strategic positioning within the humanitarian industry…. BSEA’s passion and involvement has greatly benefited Kenya Red Cross Society in demystifying and clearly and graphically communicating our strategy. Most commendable, the team never questioned the long hours that they had to put in for us. The consultants listening skills and approach towards challenges have made it a joy to work with BSEA…”

Arthur Ogonji
Strategy Champion, The Kenya Red Cross Society