We acknowledge that multiple competing realities exist simultaneously in any organization and that every single person in the organization owns a piece of their reality that forms the organizational truth. Our services therefore entail facilitating and helping our clients to arrive at a common understanding of their shared truth of Who they are; What their picture of success is; What value they exists to deliver to their customers; How they deliver that value; And How they know they are delighting their customers.

In doing this, we employ our PLP® Performance Leadership Approach which is unique among performance management consultants. We not only make strategy granular by linking it to an organization’s operations, but also use balanced scorecard concepts to enable the organization to determine the aspects of performance that are most important to them, and PuMP® Performance Measurement Framework to choose, create and use measures that are needed to monitor those aspects of performance.

Managing strategy is managing change.”( Kaplan and Norton 2004). Once the organization has clarity of its strategic destination and the roles different individuals and teams will play in getting the organization there, we engage the teams through a process of slowing down to deepen and accelerate team connection with the strategic engagement process to ensure pace and momentum is maintained to fully engage in dialogue as they embrace new ways of working in their processes. Our goal is to ultimately enable the staff to experience a felt sense of being on a joint endeavour, as a team, with a collective responsibility and  a consistency in working together, taking responsibility for their own progress.


Our Services include:

  1. Consulting
    • Strategy Evaluation & Review
    • Strategy Design and Execution
    • Performance Management
    • Performance Measurement
    • Change Management
    • Balanced scorecard
  2. Training
    • Balanced Scorecard Certification Programs
    • PuMP Performance Measurement Certification Programs
    • Change Management Certification
    • Communicating Strategy
  3. Performance Automation
    • Strategy Execution
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Performance Management
    • People Performance Management
    • Quality Management
    • Business Process Management
    • Process Mining
    • Enterprise Architecture