PuMP Performance Measurement Blueprint Certification

The PuMP Blueprint Workshop provides KPI training based on proven how-to techniques to design, align, implement, report and use performance measures to improve performance and reach targets.

Real success is measurable

High-performing organisations fulfill their mission, achieve their vision, reach targets that matter, and do this sooner and with less effort. They have a performance culture, of people fully engaged in their contribution to the organisation’s success. Measuring performance, meaningfully, is an essential cornerstone to success.

But we struggle to find the right KPIs

Our struggles with measuring performance are, surprisingly, universal. They transcend organisation size, industry, sector, and even country. The most common KPI struggles, from our research, are:

  • “We can’t find meaningful measures”
  • “We don’t have a good implementation approach”
  • “Our strategy is too hard to measure”
  • “People just won’t buy in to creating and using measures”

So any good KPI training will provide solutions to these common KPI struggles.

KPIs are hard because of bad KPI habits

Our struggles to meaningfully measure what matters are due to bad KPI habits. These bad KPI habits evolved through the absence of a proper and deliberate performance measurement approach. And unfortunately, they have become common KPI practice. Some are:

  • Writing goals with ‘weasel words’ like effective, efficient, sustainable, reliable, quality, etc…
  • Using measures to judge people
  • Brainstorming KPIs and measures
  • Rushing too quickly to fancy dashboards
  • Knee-jerk reacting to measure values
  • Looking for quick-fixes to hit targets

If you take any KPI training based on these common approaches, you’ll just end up with the same old struggles and more useless measures. Unless you change your approach, your performance culture will remain constrained by those struggles.

Measuring performance properly creates a performance culture

We can’t wait until we have a performance culture before we focus on measuring performance. Good performance measurement is what creates a performance culture:

  • It starts by replacing fear of judgement with a passion for learning how to lift performance.
  • Then, we set clearer goals, measure them meaningfully, at all levels of the organisation.
  • Now, we have useful information for evidence-based decisions that improve performance.
  • This becomes a natural part of how we work, we reach stretch targets, and we lead our industry.
  • We become a high-performance organisation, because what we aim for, we achieve.

To create a performance culture, our bad KPI habits must be unlearned, and replaced. The PuMP Blueprint is the easy, fast and engaging way to replace them.

The PUMP Blueprint works!

PuMP is a practical and logical 8-step process to choose, create and use measures to drive high-ROI improvement:

The PuMP KPI Training is practical

The workshop program guides you through the exact steps you’ll follow to implement PuMP back at work. The first two days walk you through the eight steps of PuMP, so you know how to develop great measures. On the third day, you’ll put the first few steps into practice, and head back to work with your measures already drafted.

Your implementation back at work will be supported by:

  • A comprehensive reference workbook that will support your implementation back at work.
  • A case study demonstrating the full application of the PuMP techniques, to model and inspire.
  • All the time-saving templates and tools to use as you involve your colleagues in implementation.
  • Free membership in the online PuMP Community, to boost your implementation.
PuMP is certified through the worlds leading professional certification institute

PuMP is certified by APMG, the world’s leading accreditation and exam institute for professional certifications. You can read more at the APMG PuMP Certification information page.

When you achieve PuMP Certification, you will receive:

  • An official certificate issued by APMG confirming your PuMP Certified status
  • An official digital ‘PuMP Certified’ badge to use in your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn
  • Validity of your certification lasting 5 years from the date of achieving it
  • The option to apply for re-certification before your certification expires

PuMP Certification demonstrates your ability to develop performance measures that are meaningful, aligned to strategy, implemented efficiently and focused on driving performance improvement. This is a powerful capability to include in your resume and give you an edge over other candidates for promotions and new positions.

Upcoming public programs – 2020

March 2nd – 6th: The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya

May 4th – 8th: The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

July 6th – 10th: The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop, Mombasa, Kenya

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