Change Management for Organizational Strategy & Balanced Scorecards.

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Energize leaders ; Inspire employees ; Excite Shareholders ; Attract Customers

“To execute strategy is to execute change at all levels of an organization. Seems self-evident, but overlooking this truth is one of the greatest causes of a failed transformation effort”. (David P. Norton, 2002)

75% of strategies fail (ADB, 2009). Topping the list of reasons for such high failure is the people side of change!

Strategies and balanced scorecards are developed to help organizations to collectively act with purpose in their value delivery journey. Unfortunately many strategies are developed with the assumption of the machine metaphor. This often leads a to the “creation of

detailed plans for desired changes; invites unrealistic expectations of control; and creates anxiety, blame and defensiveness when events inevitably do not proceed according to plan.”1 Approached differently, strategies and balanced scorecards can become powerful narratives that:

  1. Energize the leaders, inspires people, excites shareholders and attracts customers.
  2. Helps make your employees connect to the purpose of the organization and feel like they are part of a bigger picture
  3. Demonstrates leaders’ seriousness and commitment to the purpose.


This program teaches participants to work in the strategic planning and execution process as change influencers facilitating a change process that supports mindful participation and courage to challenge held beliefs, theories and assumptions that are likely to stand in the way of change.

You will also learn how to apply different value-based and practical tools in the here-and-now to track experiences, the questions that arise out of those experiences, the insights you receive, how to weigh evidence in order to verify understanding, how to make decisions and what actions to take.

Who should attend?

This program is suitable for every Leader, Manager, Team Leaders, Change Champion, Strategy Champions and Human Resource personnel charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing strategies/balanced scorecards and performance management systems for any type of organization.

Our trainers

Our trainers are qualified and experienced specialists in organizational change, development and implementation of strategies, balanced scorecards and performance measurement and performance management systems across Africa.

Course Duration

This is a 5-day training


Upcoming public programs

July 22nd – 26th: Change Management for Strategy and Balanced Scorecards Training, Nairobi, Kenya

Oct 21st – 25th: Change Management for Strategy and Balanced Scorecards Training, Kampala, Uganda

Change Management for Organizational Strategy & Balanced Scorecards

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