Are You Taking the Wrong Approach to Performance Measures and KPIs?

The right approach to performance measurement is like gravity. It pulls our attention and action toward a centre, toward the most important things we should focus on and improve.

The right approach to performance measurement is nothing like what most people are used to. Done well, and for the right reasons, performance measurement creates a high-performance culture. And this high-performance culture creates measurable success for the organisation.

An executable strategy needs to be meaningful and actionable


Good performance measurement creates a performance culture (not the other way around).

We can’t wait until we have a high-performance culture before we focus on measuring performance. High-performance cultures grow with deliberate practice in performance measurement.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens through stages:

  1. The growth starts with a strong focus on the purpose of high-performance, replacing fear of judgement with a passion for learning how to lift performance. We’ve removed the biggest obstacle to high-performance.
  2. Now, we can set clearer goals, measure them meaningfully, and easily engage people. This is when we really notice the performance culture building.
  3. This new performance culture makes it easy to make more evidence-based decisions that produce high-ROI improvements. We find more leverage to improve performance, reach stretch targets, and lead our industry. What we aim for, we achieve.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world.”

—  Archimedes.

In high-performance organisations, the lever is our change initiatives. The world is our goals, objectives, mission, and vision. The fulcrum is measurement. Measuring performance well gives us lots more power to lift performance.

Evidence based leadership

Create a high-performance culture, and measurable success. Fulfil the mission, achieve the vision, and reach the strategic goals.

The PuMP Blueprint Workshop

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