Polarity Management

The Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT™) Certification Program


Imagine you have the opportunity to champion a transformative change in your organisation. Resources are not a problem; leaders are supportive of the change and you have a great team to work with. You scout for the most reputable consultant to facilitate the change using a recognised model. But alas, when it comes to implementation, you are on your own. Everyone goes back to “doing things the way they have always been done”. You watch helplessly as your “must do” project joins hundreds of others in the organisation’s must do’ graveyard. You struggle to understand how others fail to recognise the brilliance of the ‘solution’ and the benefits it would bring to the organisation.

You are not alone.  Every day, individuals, teams, and organisations watch helplessly as change movements and projects aimed at ‘solving’ chronic issues and dilemmas fail to take off, and efforts to keep them alive fall flat on their faces – not because they are not managed well, but because they are approached with a problem-solving lens.

Not all issues are ‘problems’ to solved. Most ongoing chronic issues in the organisation are polarities to manage. They are paradoxical in nature meaning they show up as interdependent pairs that need each other over time to maintain and gain performance. Seeing one without the other means you only know half the picture. For example, Transformation cannot exist without Continuity, Health cannot exist without Economy, Work goes along with Life Balance, Decentralisation cannot succeed without  Centralisation, the Self can only exist in relation to Others, Mergers will fail if you do not see and leverage the two cultures involved, and so on.

Managing Polarities requires a different paradigm around leveraging through BOTH/AND (polarity) thinking, i.e.:
• the wisdom to see the whole picture and differentiate between a solvable problem and a polarity to manage
• the ability to recognise the inherent tensions between the two poles of a polarity, and
• the ability to leverage the energy between the poles.

The Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT™) Certification program has been designed to help build your competencies on how to discover and leverage your most strategic Polarities (AKA paradox, wicked problems/VUCA, chronic tensions, dilemmas, etc.) to become more innovative, agile, profitable and competitive immediately and over time.

The PACT™ Program

PACTTM is a dynamic five-step Certification Program delivered by BSEA in partnership with Polarity Partnerships (USA). It is  designed for leaders, coaches, consultants, managers, and individuals facing complex challenges in their organisations so you can do what you do faster, better and with increased sustainability .   The program:

  • Equips you to deal successfully with polarities – interdependent forces that create tension in complex situations.  You will learn to see and manage complex and critical challenges that all leaders, teams, and organisational systems face.
  • Helps you to See the whole, Map and Transform the energy contained in polarities
  • Explore how polarities may help you to better understand the issues and opportunities you’re facing right now, both those inside and outside your organisation
  • Helps you to think through the polarities that will provide the greatest leverage in achieving your desired results

You will be able to use Polarity Thinking™ concepts, practices and tools (including the Polarity Map® and the Polarity Assessment™) and gain experience managing polarities in your organisation.

The PACT™ Process of Seeing, Mapping, Assessing, Learning and Leveraging is applicable to all polarities.


Program Agenda

Step 1: SEEING: Appreciate complex challenges and opportunities and see more of the whole reality

Step 2: MAPPING: Identify desired results, values, and competencies

Step 3: ASSESSING: Utilize the Polarity Assessment™ to gather quantitative metrics

Step 4: LEARNING: Debrief Assessment results to gain insight into strengths and vulnerabilities

Step 5: LEVERAGING – Develop and execute strategies to achieve and sustain desired results

Programs Details

The Program will run on the following dates:

October 25 – 29 , 2021: Mombasa 0900hrs – 1600hrs East Africa Time
December   06 – 10, 2021: Nairobi  0900hrs – 1600hrs East Africa Time
February 07 – 11, 2022: Kampala 0900hrs – 1600hrs East Africa Time

Also includes:

  • 4 hours 1-1 Coaching and Mentoring on First Client Projects
  • 394 Page Consultant Guidebook
  • 1 Year Consultant Access to the Polarity Resource Portal


Certification & Accreditation Details

5-day full attendance and completion of program agenda leads to Certification
5-day full attendance plus Application Project completion including coaching,  mentoring on first client leads to Accreditation.

Accredited practitioners will be listed on the BSEA Accredited Practitioners Page and receive an accreditation Badge.

Your investment…

PACT™ Certification costs per person US$4,100 (excluding all taxes)
Enrol today  to enjoy an introductory offer @ 40% discount

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for leaders, managers, consultants, and employees in private, public, religious or nonprofit-sector organizations who have an interest in managing complex and unsolvable issues to attain better results and minimize resistance.

Program Benefits

In this program, you will:

  • Learn how to identify polarities and develop dual strategies that fully leverage the inherent energy between them
  • Build your mapping skills using the Polarity Map® in practical experiential exercises
  • Use case study and practical exercises to enhance your understanding of the polarity thinking concept
  • Learn how to use polarity thinking to lead change
  • Become more effective in your delivery and in managing resistance .
  • Learn how to minimize conflicts, resistance and polarization in your environment.
  • Learn how to address big, complex issues without being overwhelmed and to increase the attainability, speed, and sustainability of your change movements.

The course will be taught as a hands-on workshop using interactive lectures, practical examples, case studies, shared participant experiences, and practice sessions.

Certification Requirements

Participants are required to complete the five-day training and to demonstrate comprehension and understanding by identifying and applying PACT™ to a polarity they are struggling with. Facilitator support is available throughout the process.


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