QPR for Process Mining

Using your operational data for better business results

Process Mining is about using smart software to continuously analyze and visualize the flow of your operations to pinpoint specific ways you can improve your business and identify underlying KPIs. It’s easier and more cost-effective than many people realize – with near instant results.

The quest for operational efficiency

Every company wants its operations to flow like clockwork. For orders to be filed quickly, deliveries to take place without bottlenecks, and payments to happen on time. In reality though, deviations from an ideal workflow are common. And it’s these deviations that can cost a company money as they accumulate over time. But it’s not always easy to understand where exactly the problems lie, what is causing them and the extent to which they impact operations. This is where Process Mining comes in.

The Process Mining advantage

Traditionally, a company’s business processes and KPIs are analyzed and modeled based on employee and customer interviews, workshops and other qualitative methods. Gathering data in this way can be very useful, but it usually takes significant time and human effort to do so properly – making it a costly exercise. And, because it takes time, this method doesn’t allow for KPIs to be easily reassessed and for the effect of changes be studied quickly. Also, as qualitative data is subject to human interpretation, it can lead to misleading or incomplete conclusions. Process Mining approaches analysis of a company’s operations from a completely different angle: the data. Businesses with order-to-cash or purchase-to-pay operations typically have IT systems that log activities at various points along the timeline. And it’s these time stamped events that are at the core of any Process Mining exercise. By quickly extracting and reading them, Process Mining software builds an instant visual model of a given flow. From this model, deviations can very quickly be identified and understood, allowing a company to identify the real rather than the perceived reasons behind its performance.

In order to stay ahead of today’s rapidly changing market conditions, organizations need to base decisions on reliable and accurate data. Unfortunately, the right information is often unavailable with data fragmented across a multitude of unconnected tools such as ERP and CRM systems or Excel tables. To help achieve a holistic understanding of the current state of business, QPR offers an automated solution that gathers and consolidates data in error-free reporting that is always upto-date.

Key Benefits:

  • To see your performance in real time
  • To identify the root causes of process inefficiencies
  • To quickly locate and fix bottlenecks
  • To decrease resource needs and free up working capital
  • To track KPIs and their changes over time



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