QPR for Quality Management

Single platform for efficient quality management to outperform your competitors

Quality is an integral part of both your short and long-term success, but attaining superior quality requires relentless organization wide effort. To help create a culture of quality, QPR offers a holistic Quality Management Solution that links quality management objectives to corporate goals and fosters collaboration and continuous improvement. QPR’s solution is based on a single platform for modeling and measuring business critical operations. Regardless of the quality standard you’re following, QPR provides full support from the detection to the correction of non-conformances.

Recent research shows that for every £1 spent on a quality program, you can expect an increase of £6 in revenue and a reduction of £16 in costs.
– Centre for Economic and Business Research, United Kingdom

Key Benefits:
  • All quality data in one system
  • Flexible to suit your unique management needs
  • Fast to implement, easy to use and maintain
  • Hassle-free audits and reporting
  • Supports ISO, EFQM, LEAN, OHSAS, etc.
  • Engages all in continuous improvement

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