Njeri Faith

Years of training, certifying and consulting in change leadership, balanced scorecards, performance measurement and communication have me taught me that we only become true change leaders when we acquire the wisdom and courage to hold judgement lightly to allow ourselves to truly see our reality in light of the reality of others, and to have the ability to leverage the tension/energy between.

It is this wisdom that separates history’s greats like Nelson Mandela of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Mahatma Gandhi of Peace
and Nonviolence and of course the most eminent Jesus of Nazareth who lived as Man and God, from the rest of us. These men were naturally gifted in polarity thinking. They could see the dilemmas in their lives had 2-right and interdependent answers and were unsolvable.

The majority of us struggle. We approach problems and dilemmas using the traditional one-right answer or EITHER/OR problem-solving thinking that we have mastered all our lives – in school, at home and work. This way of thinking is not enough when we are faced with dilemmas/polarities. Another necessary paradigm around leveraging polarities through BOTH/AND thinking (polarity management) is required to complement the problem solving way of thinking.

I support leaders, individuals, teams and organisations to learn how to see and leverage polarities or ‘wicked problems’ as they introduce change (big or small) in their environments using Polarity Management PACT™ concepts, practices and tools.

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